Sunday, September 27, 2009

Classic Horror

Been getting into the classic original "HORROR"

All of hollywoods new movies are remakes of classic original radio shows and movies.
Fuck! most movies these days are unoriginal and boring, If you get a chance to see these classics do there well worth watching. Most are now being released on DVD, fucking awesome.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hot rod season!

Hey to all of you out there that don't read this blog because there are so many of these fucking things that are just a waist of time, I am sorry for no posts being made.
This is where i get to share some of the car shows and rides i see about the place and I'm not going to start just blogging for the fuck of it.

So in saying that NEWS NEWS NEWS!

Events: Coming up October 2-3-4 is the Chopped rod and custom show, Pre 1965 Traditional style rods & customs only @ Newstead football ground for more info visit

Also that weekend October 4 Euroa show 'n' shine over 1000 cars and 300 bikes so should be big

October 30 - November 1 The 17th Kustoms of Australia Picnic, held in Pakenham one of the best rod shows of the year. info at

Bright hot rods, 6-7-8th November fucking great weekend. pre-entry for the event is now closed but you can get more info at (unfortunately the old Lincoln wont make the trip this year, hopefully have the engine rebuild started by then???)

Then to start the year off the best of the best Auzzie shows January 8-9-10 8th KUSTOM NATIONALS Phillip Island raceway. This show is by far the show to get the year started always a great event. For more info hit

This Photo is from many years ago at one of the Wangarrata swap meets, not a huge event but a good day out scrounging through old tin.