Monday, October 18, 2010

FUEL #5 Launch

What a sunny Sunday!
It started with pancakes and love and ended with bus rides and a middle age women's hockey team.

CRCooper, Kellie and I headed down to Collingwood for the launch party of FUEL Magazines issue 5. Rancho Deluxe was the venue and what a great back drop for a some what sunny day of rods and customs.

Hit the FUEL MAGS web site of more - see if you can spot us??

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fuel #5 Launch

Can not wait for this tomorrow, always a good day out at the rods.

One of the 'RUINERS' unofficial club member Morgan just sold his mini truck today (thank fuck)

So he is now offically a member with his purchase of a 49 Chev sedan. Welcome to the club brother!

I plead the fifth!

"Bringing up the rear old feltcher".
That's all i have folks.

One of the nicest roadsters in the wide world of OZ, featured in Fuel #4

Well this section will polish off the motorcycles.