Monday, January 10, 2011

Kustom Nationals 2011

Twas that time of year again - the time where all the boys and girls on the wrong side of the tracks come out to play near a beach on a super smooth race track not to far away.

I shall start the day's photos taken from the last few i took, Just before Kellie and I had a nice 5 1/2 hour drive home - just nice really.

The yearly John's Rod and Custom chop! single spinner with just the right amount removed.

The rest are not in any particular order so just kick back and enjoy, I did.

Rat Rods - For some reason I dislike those two words used together, but this little number was AWESOME!!

Me old Lincoln is getting painted black? I know I know everyone paints them black, but it looks so fucking good? any come backs?

Kellie for president!

57 Chevy Ranchero? boy this was done nicely.

One for my boy 'TENNA' get your gangsta on son!

Is this a big dollar car? did it sell for Forty K+? Just noticed the bonnet gaps, ouch sorry!

Extended guards, faded air brushed satin paint, lowered stance, loud exhaust, chrome trim wheels = RATCHEV

Hey Ty? Don't paint your HR FUCKING orange!

Very impressive roadster right here - I would give it 8 thumbs up if i had 8 hands for grabbing.

Very very clean chevy ute custom, jealous much? Yes Sir.

I will fucking lose my mind if i don't build me self a bike this year, Fuck!


  1. dude!! some really cool stuff in here! the portrait shot of the 32 roadster with the hemi is solid!

  2. Thats an A Model Roadster with the hemie. And your right top car.