Monday, February 21, 2011

Fuel Launch Party Issue #6

Well what a weekend It was - Saturday found Morgan and myself loading Allan Briotti's Karmann Ghia on a trailer ready for a early start to a relaxing Sunday of Automobiles. 

As a Chopped Bug that was built by Al was one of the feature cars in the current Fuel Mag #6 we thought it would be fitting to show off another great example of Al's work at the launch party.

Up early Sunday morning to find a young CRCooper staring into the engine bay of his XP sedan. "Is she going Coops" "Na" "Well what the fucks wrong with it?" "Running like a bucket of shit" then a hour later Morgan and I left (with a few folk to follow)

Quick servo stop in the rain - 

Then about 1 hour later, we were greeted by this sight - 

Wonderful, our 'RELAXING' day could start.

Enjoy, we certainly did.

Jessie and Josh Al's brothers (Jessie's pick for car of the day)

A big thanks to Luke (Fuel Magazine) Ben (Rancho Deluxe) and the Vultures Car Club for putting on a awesome Sunday afternoon.

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  1. it was a good day at rancho deluxe on sunday. good to see some photographs online. keep on shooting!