Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well Well Well - Where have you been?

I've been out! Allot has been happening yet i haven't posted nothing? that's just the way it goes.
Fuel issue 6 launch party is coming up very soon (on the 20th) Since the last one was a blast, the 'RUINERS' will be heading down to Collingwood again.
This run will be made a little bit more special with the one and only CRcooper getting a feature artist article this issue.

He has a new wordpress thing going on which is very cool.

Also in issue 6 is one of my best mates VW builds. I followed Allan (R.I.P)with this build from 'BUG' to Beauty (fucking rad) and i don't really like VW's, what Al could do with cars was amazing!

We are hoping to get another one of his builds down to Rancho deluxe for the party, Allan Briotti's Karmann Ghia. Looks all set to go (Just with out a engine, long story?)
If you want to see what Al has built, head over to his photobucket alot of what Al built is on there, Enjoy the journey he took with his cars.

Hope to see you all in the city on the 20th!

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